Tuesday, September 3, 2013

39 reasons I love My Love

1. He makes me laugh every day, multiple times.
2. He treats me like a queen.
3. He loves my kids like his own and never struggled with blending our families. Yet he's patient with me when I struggle.
4. He works hard for our family.
5. He will watch chic flicks with me.
6. He is hot.
7. I love his hands- they are gentle yet strong.
8. He still thinks I am hot even after having 3 babies and sucking at dieting.
9. He is smart even though he doesn't think so.
10. He is good with people.
11. His love of the Seahawks is ALMOST as much as his love for me and his family- but we will always win and he wants it that way.
12. He is sentimental
13. All of his best features are evident in our son.
14. He loves God.
15. He honors his Priesthood.
16. He honors his parents.
17. He loves his siblings and would do anything for them.
18. He loves my family and feels at home with them too.
19. We like the same kind of books and movies.
20. We can talk for hours in bed without realizing how much time has past.
21. He was super fun to date, and (on the rare occasion we get on a date) is still fun to date!
22. He folds the laundry- in a disgustingly perfect way.
23. He is a clean freak- which I say in a completely positive way!
24. He is a loved manager.
25. He is patient.
26. He is forgiving.
27. He puts his family first.
28. He has an amazing memory.
29. He gives great massages.
30. He has a way with words.
31. He likes my cooking.
32. I love the smile lines by his eyes.
33. He calls me just to tell me he loves me.
34. He lets me drive.
35. We agree on parenting procedures.
36. We never fight.
37.  He compliments me and others.
38.  I think the gray hairs he is getting are super sexy.
39. He is my soulmate, my eternal companion. and the love of my life in every way.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June 2013

First month of summer was great!  Great to relax and spend some time putting our house together.  We spent a fun weekend in Vernal visiting Matt and Melissa and family. They have an amazing yard with some really fun animals and the kids have a great time together.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our weekend!

May 2013

I made it through my first year as a teacher!  Woo hoo!  I should say we made it through our first year.  I know that my family had suffered through the hard days with me as well as celebrated the good ones. My kids were amazing- my own, as well as my students.  I cried saying good bye, I was proud of those kids.  I am also super proud of my kids. They did great at school this year!  They loved their teachers and grew so much academically as well as socially.  It was a lot of fun being at the same school as them this year.  Next year I will be going part time and have to transfer to a different school.  It will be different and a lot to get used to but I will thoroughly enjoy being able to feel like a mom as well as a teacher.  I got spoiled for teacher appreciation week. It was so fun! I am so thankful for Neisha. she spend the entire month helping me- with the kids, the house, my class, and everything!
Don't want to forget my birthday. #31.  So weird. I don't feel that old. I guess that's a good thing!
Another excited thing about this month, we finally moved!  We got a new house only about 5 minutes from our old one.  It was a big decision- I had lived there for over 7 years and went through a lot of good and bad there.  But it was fun and invigorating to break away and start new.  I love our new home!  It is perfect for us and it's ours together!  The kids made friends quickly and have adjusted well which is such a relief.  Moving with two weeks left of school was crazy. But thanks to my AMAZING family, we did it.
The start to a wonderful summer!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

April 2013

All I can say is, awhh, Spring Break!  A much needed break for all of us.  We took off to St. George for the week and had a great time getting pampered, swimming, celebrating Chases first birthday, hanging out with family, and enjoying the warmth!
We also put our house up for sale and it was under contract a month later!

March 2013

 Chase turns 11 months and starts walking!  He loves balls and is a happy little guy!
 St. Patricks day green treasure hunt.  I love holidays!!

Easter baskets, Easter Sunday, and Easter egg hunt. So happy it's starting to warm up a little.  So thankful for my family, my savior, and the life he has blessed me with.
AND, my big boy Carter turns 7!!! Can't believe it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

February 2013

Zoey ended up being a lot more than we could handle.  Our backyard was a complete wreck-ruined sprinklers, dug up garden, holes under the fence, dead grass.  Not to mention, she was so hyper that the kids couldn't play with her for fear of getting bombarded.  They loved her but we just couldn't give her the attention and time that she required so we decided to give her a new home. Even I was sad! I felt like we had let her down. She was a good dog, just not right for us.  I am proud that I at least gave it a shot!  I never thought I would!  

Little Chaser boy just grows so fast.  10 months and obsessed with balls, crawling everywhere, and having the start of some separation anxiety.  I hate leaving him to go to work.  But I love seeing his face when I get home!  We all have lots of fun with him.  The other kids adore him and he loves them.  They have such cute relationships!

January 2013

-New Years eve with all our kids back together again. Always a good feeling!
-Chase is 9 months old
-Of course, lots of snow
Usually I find January a depressing month. After the holidays, cold, boring, etc. But this year wasn't so bad.  I think cause I was so busy with work it really made time fly.
Coming back to school after Christmas break I finally felt that I had the hang of the teaching routine.  I really felt like I knew my students and their needs, had the core down, and my schedule was much more solid.  It was a good feeling.